More than 100 years of experience

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, integrity-driven legal services to our clients, using a practical, consultative, client-focused approach to identify and respond to problems and challenges. To litigate thoroughly, based on a coherent well-prepared case. To negotiate with poise, patience, firmness, common sense, and creativity. To empower our clients to make intelligent and informed decisions by educating them to understand the legal and procedural issues involved in the case.
To treat clients, opposing counsel, witnesses, judges, magistrates, guardians and court personnel with civility and respect. To give clients professional advice well-based upon the law and local practice. To stay abreast of recent court rulings, statutes, and enjoy professional relationships with court staffs. To be forthright about the reasonableness and attainability of the client’s goals.

Better strategies
Maintain an external focus on clients, potential clients, and client needs. Ensure wide partner, associate, legal assistant, manager and staff input and participation. Focus on lasting values that bind the firm together and distinguish it. Rely on sufficient research and information about clients and markets. Ensure wide dissemination, understanding of, and commitment to the results.
More opportunities
Modern legal research technology enables you to conduct research significantly faster, to increase savings and reduce costs.
foundational principles
Exercise due care. Confidentiality. Fidelity to special responsibilities. Avoidance of the appearance of a conflict of interest. Willing compliance with the law. Acting in good faith in negotiations. Respect for human well-being. Respect for the liberty and constitutional rights of others.